Chua Hah Seng Sour Tamarind Paste Concentrate 380 ml


The secret to the delicious dishes created by some of the most renowned chef has long been Chua Hah Seng food products
More than 75 years ago the small restaurant established on Yaowarat Road, Bangkok (Chinatown) where people flocked to enjoy the most flavorful food. In 1991, the owners expanded & established Chua Hah Seng Food Products Co., Ltd. to make its now famous chilli paste available to chefs and food lovers of every description.
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Tamarind Smoothies


– Chua Hah Seng Sour Tamarind Paste Concentrate 1/4 cup

– Honey 3 table spoons

– Salt 1/4 tea spoons

– Water 150 ml.

– Ice 1 cup

How to

– Add all of them into blender

– Mix well together

– Put it into glass

– Enjoy!


The Sour Tamarind Paste Concentrate made from natural tamarind, it may contain white sediments. This has no effect to the quality & safe for consumption.

Today, Chua Hah Seng’s chilli paste and sauces retain the original flavors while maintaining the strictest quality & hygienic standards. The company products have been awards by GMPs and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification as well as the Halal mark and Thai Select mark by Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government


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