5 LB Sour Tamarind Paste, Tamarind Product Thailand, 100% Fresh Guarantee


100% Fresh Guaranteed / From 100% All Natural Tamarind (No Sugar added)
Tamarind paste is just the fruit (separated from the pod and seeds) of the tamarind tree made into a ready-to-use cooking paste. It comes in a jar or plastic tub-like container and one bottle is likely all you will need for a very long time, as the paste is usually quite strong and condensed.
For use in Indian, Thai, African Dishes like Soups , Gravies, Sambhar or use as chutney for Panipuri, Samosa plus all of the Thai recipes especially in the savory dishes & many other dishes.
Imported from Thailand, in Southeast Asia. NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
Tamarind can be stored wrapped at room temperature, refrigerate after opening.

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